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Receiving a 'Technical code' error
Last Updated 5 years ago

A technical code error normally has a specific meaning, some codes and possible solutions are listed below. However, if nothing is listed, please contact Teletrack support.

An error occurred when saving your questionnaire. Please try again. Technical code: save_file()
This is normally a result of the device not having enough storage space to complete saving your survey, and happens most frequently when large photos/files are attached to a survey.

If your browser has not made a request for more storage, you can increase it using the following instructions.

Internet Explorer (versions 10 and above)
1. Click the gear/cog logo at the top right of the browser and select 'Internet options'.
2. In the pop-up window that follows click the 'Settings' button in the 'Browsing history' section.
3. A 'website data settings' window should pop-up, switch to the 'Caches and databases' tab.
4. Click the '' entry and then click the 'Exceed limit' button. You should see the 'Allowed' entry next to ''.
5. Keep clicking the 'OK' buttons until all the windows close.
6. Now continue using the Teletrack reporting app as previous, the 'save_file' error should not occur again.

iOS (iPhone/iPad) Safari
When saving or finishing a survey, a pop-up window might appear with the following request: 'Increase Database Size? Do you want to allow "" to use up to 10MB of storage on your iPhone?' Please choose the 'Increase' option every time you see this.

If you choose 'Cancel', this will lead to the aforementioned 'save_file' error. However, try attempting a survey save or finish again, and the pop-up window should re-appear, allowing you to choose the 'Increase' option this time.

Note that sometimes you might have to re-try saving/finishing a questionnaire more than once following the 'Increase Database Size' pop-up request.

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